​​Weekly Sermons

May 29th 2016 - How to get to Heaven

June 12th 2016 - Which door should we take?

June 19th 2016 Sowing Good Seed

June 26th 2016 Dress Confidently 

July 3rd ​2016 ​What ​will ​you​ remember ​today?

July 10th 2016 What's your attitude about life?

July 24th 2016 When God Measures the Church

July 31st 2016 The Barns Are Full But What About The Soul? 

August 21st 2016 Leaping Where You Can Not Look

​August 28th 2016 Being Picked For The Rework Is Not a Bad Thing

​Septmber 4th 2016 God Doesn't Get Labor Day Off 

​September 11th 2016 What Are We Doing Here? 

September 18th 2016 Work Like The Dickens 

September 25th 2016 Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

October 2nd 2016 Are You Giving Your Landlord His Due?

October 9th 2016 Expressing Gratitude.

October 16th 2016 What Was True Still Is True

October 23rd 2016 Are You Glad Your Not Like Him? 

October 30th 2016 God is First Last and Always

November 6th 2016 Are You Wearing Your Wedding Garments

November 20th 2016 Serving the King of Kings.

November 27th 2016 The God of Hope

December 4th 2016 Peace That Surpasses Understanding 

December 11th 2016 How To Be Joyful

December 18th 2016 A Perfect World Where Gods Love Reigns

Christmas day 2016 God's Love Is For You 

January 1st 2017 When You Are Uncertain About The Future

January 8th 2017 Everyones Seeking Something

January 15th 2017 What Happens When Your Not #1?

April 2nd 2017 The Changed Life of Lazarus

April 9th 2017The Changed Life of Judas

April 16th 2017 The Changed Life of Mary Magdelene

April 23rd 2017 The Changed Life of Thomas

April 30th 2017 The Road to Emmaus Recognizing the Resurrection

May 7th 2017 Nobody Builds Alone




Our Pastor

 My name is Walt Bedford, C.R.E and Pastor here at Strasburg Presbyterian Church. I was born and raised along the shores of Lake Huron in the State of Michigan. I come from a musical family.

After serving as a medic in the U.S.A.F. from 1970-1974, I came to the Aurora/Denver area and for over 40 years, worked for lumber company’s selling building materials.

My home church is the 1st Presbyterian Church of Aurora, where I have been a member since 1985. There I served as Deacon, Elder and many other areas of ministry. I led worship there for over 25 years.

I married my wife Kristin in 1993. Although disabled she continues to love and support the ministry we have entered into. 

In 2011, I entered the Commissioned Ruling Elder program, completing a course of study from Dubuque Seminary, finishing in 2014 with an internship at United Church of Montbello. 

In February of 2015 I was called and accepted the position here at Strasburg Presbyterian Church. I enjoy preaching and Pastoral Care. I have been told that people will remember what you do, long after they forget what you said in a sermon.

God has made it clear that ministering to people’s heart is the cutting edge of what we do here at SPC. The Prayer chain, Deacons Parish ministry, communion and monthly pot lucks are all important pieces of the caring ministry where Christ’s Love is demonstrated. I am Blessed to be part of what God is doing here at Strasburg Presbyterian Church.


Strasburg Presbyterian Church


 ​Invitation to the Observance of Lent

Changed Lives Sermon Series for Lent 2017

March 5th-Adam and Eve-Genesis 3:1-7

March 12th-Nicodemus-John 3:1-21

March 19th-Woman at the Well-John 4: 1-26

March 26th-The Man Born Blind-John 9:1-12

April 2nd-Lazarus-John 11: 1-16

April 9th (Palm Sunday)-Judas-Mathew 26:14-16

April 16th Resurrection-Mary Magdalene-John 20:1-9

Bonus Post Resurrection Sunday

April 23rd-Thomas-John 20:19-23